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REALITi is a new software ecosystem from iSimulate based on the Apple iPad for use in medical simulation. There will be 2 applications: REALITi and REALITi Engage.


On launching REALITi, the user is directed to open one of the following:


This is the brains or hub of REALITi.

The iPad in the yellow bag is a 12.9 inch iPad Pro and hence have the greatest processing power of the REALITi system.

It is also the iPad most likely to be connected to mains power.

Therefore, the Monitor application would be doing the majority of the processing in REALITi. As a display, the Monitor app is designed to mimic modern monitors, defibrillators and AEDs.

At launch, REALITi will be able to mimic

  • Zoll X series monitor/defibrillator
  • GE CareScape monitor
  • LifePak 15 monitor/defibrillator

These were chosen for specific reasons. Zoll wanted to work with us and the other 3 screens are what the current ALSi Monitor, AED and Basic Numeric screens are based on.

More manufacturers screens will be added over the coming months.

The next one will probably be the Corpuls.


REALITi Control in the new Facilitator.

It does everything that ALSi Facilitator can do and a whole lot more.

  • New dial controls
  • New checklist function and editor
  • Extensive media library
  • Sends images, video, documents, investigations to REALITi Chart
  • Controls REALITi Camera
  • Using Flag, marks important Moments in the simulation for review later
  • Becomes a Review system once a scenario has ended


REALITi Chart is our version of a Patient Electronic Medical Record

This iPad will be used by the student in a scenario to access information such as:

  • Medical notes
  • Medications
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Investigations

Eventually, Chart will allow students to create progress notes.


REALITi Camera is our version of an integrated live video streaming, recording and playback system.

It relies on a number of pieces of hardware to function.

  • PadCaster – a bespoke iPad mounting system created to enable an iPad to be used as a video camera. It consists of a robust mount allowing the iPad to be connected to a tripod and attach a microphone and lights. A wide angle lens attached to PadCaster enables a greater field of view
  • Apple TV – using AirPlay, the live video and audio from REALITi Camera can be broadcast to Apple
  • Monitor – Apple TV must be connected to a monitor with speakers or television via a HDMI


We are now able to do the following in REALITi:

  • Live stream audio and video from the Camera iPad to Apple TV
  • The video feed also incorporates the vital signs of Heart Rate, BP, SpO2, ETCO2, RR and Temp as a head-up-display style
  • Once a scenario has ended, the Control iPad switches into Review
  • Review mode displays the vital signs, flags, checklist items, etc in a timeline. A video associated with one of these elements is a
  • If any element on this timeline is tapped, the Moment video associated with that element will playback on Apple
  • A Moment video is 10 seconds prior to and 20 seconds subsequent to the time the flag/checklist item, etc was pressed.


Designed to be used on a smartphone, REALITi Engage will allow the observers watching the simulation on Apple TV to react and engage with the simulation.

Based on contemporary social media style interactions, observers will be able to add emoticon style Reactions and comments.

When the scenario ends and REALITi Control enters Review mode, all of these Reactions and comments will be visible on the timeline

REALITi is for sale as Basic and Pro version:

The Basic version consists of:

  • iPad Pro 12,9 inch (Monitor) with Smartcover
  • iPad 9,7 inch (Control) with facilitator cover
  • iPad 9,7 inch (Chart)
  • Battery unit ChargeTech
  • Airport Extreme
  • REALITi license

The Pro version consists of:

  • Padcaster with Tripod
  • iPad 9,7 inch (Camera)
  • Apple TV 4th Generation with HDMi cable

You can make an appointment to see REALITi in our showroom in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, all our other products can also be found in our showroom.

Also a demonstration at location is possible.

 Download REALITi manual V8 Engels

User Guide REALITi – V8 (Print).1

To find out more email or call us on 0031650234819.