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Simulation Event Recording and Debriefing. Introducing Debriefly iOS– battery-powered and wireless for incredible portability

Simulation-based training has a new name:
Debriefly is the fastest and easiest way to harness the power of video capture to improve the quality of simulation learning. Debriefly offers complete capture and debriefing solutions that are easy enough for clinicians to use with no training, and powerful enough to take your sim sessions to the next level.

In-situ setup in under 5 minutes

Professional sim techs welcome, but not required

HD Video
Use a variety of cameras iOS– all deliver excellent HD-quality videoHD Audio
Wireless microphone, placed at the center of the simulation, delivers high-fidelity audio

Breakthrough pricing
iPod Touch or any iOS device as camera, any Mac can capture

ALSi Recording
Full integration with iPad-based vital signs simulator ALSi

You can make an appointment to see Debriefly in our showroom in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, all our other products can also be found in our showroom.

Also a demonstration at location is possible.

To find out more email or call us on 0031650234819.